• Holiday 2021 Collection Video!

     "It's all about the right accessories!" - Persia Donà
  • Luxurious Layers, Endless Options!

      “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with fun playful Jewelry.” - Persia Donà 
  • Let's talk Pearls!

    When in Rome…“The stunning Sabrina Ferilli rocking our pearl Necklace choker, mixing pearls and chains, how chic is she…” LOVE!!! Pearls are chic...
  • Laid-back luxury collection!

    CHIC - TIMELESS - FEELGOOD - EASY-TO-WEAR JEWELRY A luxurious collection of jewel toned gemstones mixed with silk velvets, pave diamonds an...
  • Style, because your personality is not the first thing people see!

    "Have fun, there are no rules, stick to your own style and feel comfortable in your own skin!" - Persia Donà 
  • Fifty Shades of Green!

    “Don’t forget your Greens!” Green comes in so many different shades, from rich Emeralds to soft Lime greens. Green is rich, luscious, it’s a HAPP...
  • Modern Mediterranean Chic everyday Jewelry!

    "Look your Best. Even down to the smallest detail." ~ Persia Donà