What's your Jewelry Style?

Accessories can make any outfit look great. There's absolutely no reason not to spice up your wardrobe with some fantastic jewelry. Have fun with your jewelry and let it make a statement about your style.

Mix and match. It used to be taboo to wear gold, silver, copper, rose gold, etc together. However, this is no longer the case. Feel free to mix up different metals. Another way to mix and match is by simply being playful with layering, different lengths and materials. Wear bracelets of different widths or necklaces of different lengths.

Think about your neckline. A necklace should compliment the neckline of your clothing. You want the necklace to be visible, yet not compete with your outfit. The right necklace can emphasize and enhance your outfit. On the other hand, the wrong can be a distraction and take away from what you are wearing.

Try a long pendant necklace if you are wearing a deep V neckline. The necklace should hit right above your cleavage. A short, statement necklace looks great with your T-shirt and Jeans.

Avoid being matchy-matchy. The color of your jewelry does not have to be the same color as your outfit or the other jewelry that you are wearing. You can wear multiple complimentary colors or wear a pop of color if your outfit is all neutral colors.